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The cine tourism is one of the many niches of the great tourist market characterized by a consumer who goes to visit the location film and television, or any place used for the filming of a movie or a TV series.

The camera has played an important role in the discovery of the Aeolian Islands. Beginning in the late '40s, when Alliatas, Maraini and Moncada founded the Panagia Film and turned a series of documentaries on the Aeolian islands (White Aeolian Islands Ash, Hunter Submarine) with, by far, the first underwater shots.

Then the love story between Rossellini and Bergman exploded during the filming of "Stromboli, land of God", which aroused the ire of Anna Magnani. They talked for weeks in all the newspapers of the time and he introduced the Aeolian Islands in the world.

Then followed in 1949 directors like Roberto Rossellini and William Dieterle turned almost simultaneously the movie "Volcano" and "Stromboli", choosing for the main roles of the divas of the moment, Anna Magnani and Ingrid Bergmani.

These films, together with the scandal for the relationship between Bergman and Rossellini, who for this new romance abandoned Magnani, created the myth of the Aeolian Islands "wild islands" and triggered the explosion of tourism Aeolian that continues today.

Up to the "present day", so to speak, to 1983, when the brothers Taviani ambientarono in the quarries of pumice Porticello in Lipari, one of the episodes of the film "Kaos".

Then in the nineties director Nanni Moretti has again chosen the Aeolian Islands in the movie "Caro Diario" telling her not as they are in reality but using them as stage microcosms representative of the current society in which the problems of the modern world are distorted and exaggerated the consequences portandone excess.

On the contrary, the director and actor Massimo Troisi exalts the poetic side, turning in the village of Pollara Salina large part of their latest film "Il Postino", nominated for an Oscar as Best Picture.


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