Average sea temperatures

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The climate of the Aeolian Islands is known to be mild for the skies often serene climate that promotes living in the archipelago in all months of the year.

The average minimum temperatures vary between 7 ° C in January and 22 ° C in August, while the average maximum temperatures vary between 12 ° C in January and 30 ° C in August.

The rains are more consistent in the months between October and January, the average amount of annual precipitation is about 635 mm. The Aeolian Islands have an average of 84 rainy days per year that focus in the months between October and April.

The temperature of the sea on the island of Lipari, from a minimum of 13 ° C in February to a maximum of 27 ° C in August.

From late April to late October, thanks to the sea calmer, they are easier on boat trips to the caves and cliffs.


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