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Protecting the environment is one of our core values

We Lipari (Aeolian). Our office is just a few meters from the main street. We are on the web and we specialize in tourism. We began by creating portals dedicated to Aeolian

Finally we have created Estateolie2app, the first app dedicated entirely to the Aeolian Islands.

Estateolie2app is produced and created by


Editorial coordination: Ala Mazzi

Contributors also: Clara Maria Martinelli , Romina Ziino , Ivan Ferlazzo, Riccardo Gullo , Umberto Spigo , Brundu Antonio , Maria Grazia Allegrino , Marcello Di Giorgi , Assunta Sardella , Maria Grazia Vanaria , Filippo D'Ambra , Giovanni D'Ambra, Maria Laura Riganò, Bartolino Lauricella , Renata Conti , Joseph Vadalà .


Exclusive dealership: Studio Immmagine

PICTURES: Archive Studio Immmagine, Antonio Brundu, Luca Valenti, Rodolfo Lazzaro, Francesco Giunta.

Estateolie2app is available free on the App Store and Android Market in Italian and English .

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All rights of reproduction , total or partial adaptation by any means , and the rights of translation, are reserved for all countries . Any reproduction in whole or in part, in any form , even for internal use or educational purposes , unless expressly authorized , is prohibited by law or international conventions .


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