Residential architecture

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As typically happens to the islands of the Mediterranean, the Aeolian architecture reveals very singular character, dictated primarily by the needs of a practical nature.

The first is, undoubtedly, one of greater stability in the event of earthquakes. For this reason, the chosen structure is cubic. The houses are more simple white cubes, to which they may be side by side or overlapping other, to form more complex structures and articulated according to the needs of the core housing.

Openings are limited in size, especially in older houses, the flat roofs, with rounded edges to carry the rainwater in tanks placed in the spaces below. The walls are thick, covered by a thick layer of lime, cyclically renewed, which makes the interior cool in summer and reduces heat loss during colder months.

In the houses the oldest entry is preceded by bagghiu, a sort of terrace, the roof of which, consisting of an arbor or a wattle, is supported by cylindrical columns pulere said. Bagghiu was placed in the wash, because it was placed in the mouth of the cistern.


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